Heyy everyone, here is a small story about how we started.. A true story though soo listen up:)

We are two sisters who love to travel, well escape was the word at that time. We were young and in love you know, the idea of waking up in a new city, meeting new people, and dreaming of a new destination before we even came back from the current one was our thing. You get the picture:)
And sending postcards to friends, family from all the places we have been. Fun times!

As we grew older and wiser, we realized that exploring places, new lands, new horizons, different cultures, traditions, and sharing those memories, was the absolute truth of traveling, for us.
Imagine big, long family dinners, where everyone shared their incredible travel memories of hidden gems around the world-That was us! and Yes we were very lucky.

At each destination, we found ourselves bringing home a new find that stole our hearts, in every sense, and reminded us great memories of that place.
We took it a bit further by collecting, artisanal designs from all around the world, a simple vase or an embroidery on fabric, perfume bottles, postcards, market bags.. anything that reminded us those stories told on our big fat family dinners to be precise..

With each of our new collections, we bring you a new destination, with good memories, new people we met, sunrises with old friends, full moons with maybe too much Rosé:), heart warming sunsets and amazing places..
We hope you LOVE IT, cause its pretty exciting for us..

It's a beautiful world, and it doesn’t make sense if we all keep it to ourselves, right?

Share your memories, inspire us, send us postcards, and once in a while check the store for our rocking holiday collections, designed especially for your dream destinations, cause every season we will be back with a new one!